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Professionally clean


We have people employed at our company who have also qualified as State-registered Disinfectors, their purpose being to guarantee 100% cleanliness, hygiene and freshness.

Their activity as disinfection specialists involves them in providing an advisory service as well as in monitoring and execution procedures.

They are acquainted with the most significant infectious diseases and possess specialised knowledge and expertise in relation to a variety of spectrums of efficacy of the disinfectants applied and their ingredients.

In addition, they are versed in the most common disinfecting procedures, they are familiar with the complexities of epidemiological matters and are also acquainted with the legislationupon which the entire area of hygiene is based. From that point of view, our staff are au fait with the issue of how to deal most effectively with the resistance mechanisms of the individual bacterial pathogens.

They will be pleased to assist on the subject of waste disposal. They can advise, for example, how best to dispose of disinfectants, how they are to be labelled and for how long it is permissible to keep them.

Cleaning Specialist

Efficient and effective cleaning requires clarification as to exactly what materials the floor to be cleaned is made of.

Our Cleaning Specialists will be pleased to analyse for you any of the many and varied floor-types that exist such as, for example, PVC, linoleum, tiles, stone floors, etc.

We shall also be pleased to assist should you require advice on the subject of safety tiles and fine-stone flooring.

Our colleagues will likewise be only too pleased to deal with any queries you might have in relation to the many and varied processes available for cleaning your carpets.

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